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2007 June 27 Wednesday.

One of my students who is a lovely 25 year old single woman, just returned to Asahikawa from a 1 week vacation on Bali Island in Indonesia.   

Before she left for Bali, she brought a travel guide about  Bali to class with her and showed me and the other classmates where she planned to go on the island,  what she planned to see and do,  and the foods she was planning to eat.   

In that guidebook, a photograph of silver bracelets caught my eye, so I asked her to please buy me two silver bracelets, and then I would pay her back when she returned to Asahikawa. 

I left the choice of the design up to her. 

You can see what she brought back in the photo above/left.   

They are much bigger than I thought they would be from looking at the photo in that guidebook, and I feel like a GLADIATOR when I put them on.   

I also have some silver NAVAHO bracelets that are much less wide, and are made of thicker silver.   

These bracelets from Bali are made from much thinner silver, but they are also much wider than the Navaho bracelets.   

Either way, they both serve the purpose of focusing my power of intention when I wear them.   

That is the real reason I like to wear bracelets whenever I go out and about.   

In general, I don't like jewelry all that much, except for silver and turquoise トルコ石.   

I would never consider wearing a big gold chain around my neck, or having a diamond ear piercing or wearing a diamond ring, for example.   

I just don't feel anything special when I see these things.   

However, I would like to find a really nice JADE ヒスイ necklace or bracelet someday. 

The color of jade reminds me of the ocean water, or the color of a river or a lake or some such thing.   

Anyway, a great big thank you to Mako for getting these two handsome silver bracelets for me, while she was on her very short vacation in Bali.   

I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.