2008 December 8 Monday thru December 14 Sunday.


An open letter to Link Share Japan.   
Thank you for wasting my time!!!

As you may already know if you are a regular reader of this blog, I have started a new website in early September of this year, the main  purpose of which was to be an affiliate advertiser for the products and services of other companies.   

Although this type of affiliate marketing has been around for a bit more than ten years, it is still a relatively new business idea in the course of human history.   

With a lot of help from my good friend Charlie, I started to understand a little bit of what this world of internet marketing is all about.

I receive several internet newsletters from various organizations, one of which is from the Highlights for Children education company.   

I used to read this monthly magazine as a child and was hoping to share it with my students here in Japan, so I looked at their website to see if they had an affiliate program.

Sure enough, they did.   When I clicked on the link, I was taken to the English language website for Link Share USA.   

On that website I clicked on the big button that said Publishers Join Now.  I was taken to a Japanese Language sign up page.   

I didn't think anything was unusual about this, as it often happens with many websites such a Google.

Anyway this is not a problem for me because I can read Japanese. 
So I filled out all of the required information, in the Japanese Language.   
One of the data input boxes required me to describe the purpose of my website, so I filled it in like this.  日本の全てを英語の世界に紹介する、または、日本に住んでいる外国人に、便利な買物サイトを紹介したいとのことです。  In English I would translate this as; "Introduce everything about Japan to the English Speaking World.  Also, provide a one stop shopping website for foreigners living in Japan.

Is there any confusion,  either in English or in Japanese, as to the purpose of my new affiliate website, the Every Thing Japan Network?

About two business days after I made my affiliate application to Link Share Japan, my website was approved to become a publisher, so immediately started applying to most of the various companies that are registered with Link Share Japan as advertisers.   

I was approved by about 80% of the advertisers that I applied to, starting with the companies that I myself have bought things from and know are good products and services.   

Companies such as ALC which also goes by the name アルク and publishes many language learning materials which I myself have used to learn Japanese, Chinese and Korean.   

Sky Perfect TV, to which I myself have be a subscriber for about 10 years. 

Glico グリコ which makes many of the snack foods that my wife enjoys eating, etc, etc.

I was very happy and satisfied to be able to introduce these products and services to the non-Japanese speaking world, which is about 95% of the world population.   

I must have spent more than 100 hours putting up banner advertisements for my favorite companies onto my new website.   

I even made a sale through one of them, thus earning a small commission.   
Then, everything suddenly changed.

About two weeks after being approved as a publisher thru Link Share Japan, I received the following email from them.

ご登録されたWEBサイトは「ECサイトのパートナー」の観点から 一定の基準をもって審査を行っておりますが、審査の結果、下記の理由により、登録申請を一時的に保留とさせていただいております。 ※日本語以外のコンテンツで構成されているサイト

For those of my readers who can't read Japanese, let me summarize the above message.

Your website being registered as a partner to Electronic Commerce websites, as been examined, and the results of the examination are that your application had been put on temporary hold for the following reason.   


Say What????   
You have already approved my website, that is why I was able to get banner links from your advertisers. 

Not only that, but I wrote about the purpose of my website in my application. 

Didn't you read it before you approved my website? 
Did you even look at my website before approving my application?   What kind of nonsense is this?

In an attempt to find out what this was all about, I contacted the Link Share USA branch of the company to find out if I could transfer my account to them, instead of the Japanese Network.

At first, I got an email from Link Share USA, with the URL for the signup page. 
I went to the English Language sign up page, but I was not able to complete the process, because the data input form does not recognize "Hokkaido" as a legitimate location for an address. 

So, I wrote them back again and asked what I should do.   
They said that they will contact me again when the issue is resolved.

As of this writing, I have heard nothing more from them.

As far a Link Share Japan is concerned; I have asked them several questions:

Number one.   WHY did you approve my website in the first place if you already knew that the contents was written in English?

Number two.   
WHY is there no mention in the affiliate agreement that the contents of an affiliate's website MUST BE IN JAPANESE ONLY?  For those of you who can read Japanese, click here to read the agreement for yourself.  Especially take a close look at article 8  第8条。

On December 6, 2008 when Link Share Japan deactivated my account, and thus wasted about 100 hours of my time that I spent applying to advertisers, getting approved, and then putting banner links on my website, I wrote to them again and asked them; WHY IS THERE NOTHING  IN THE AFFILIATE AGREEMENT ABOUT PUBLISHER WEBSITE CONTENTS NEEDING TO BE WRITTEN IN JAPANESE ONLY???

Here is the reply I got.

  参加規約に「日本語以外のサイト」の参加を言及する文章はありません。 但し、弊社は、参加規約の第18条に基づき、日本のネットワークに参画する アフィリエイトサイトが基準をクリアするよう精査しています。

English translation:  There is nothing written in the affiliate agreement about publisher sites using languages other than Japanese. 

However, in accordance with article 18 (of the affiliate agreement) all publisher websites are carefully checked to insure they clear the standards of the Link Share Japan Network.

Below this comment I was given a URL to click on that leads to a web page in the FAQ sections of the website!!!! 
Click here to read that page.   

Again, if you can't read Japanese let me summarize the contents of the page. 
No affiliates under 18 years of age, No under construction websites, No gambling or adult porno or chat websites.

No websites that require a sign in page to access the website.
No multi level marketing websites. No websites that promote racial or religious or ethnic hatred.  etc. etc.    

Oh! and by the way, no websites that are written in a language other than Japanese.

Can you believe this xit!?!?

Remember, this information was not written in the affiliate agreement itself. 
It was written on a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) web page, and merely referred to by the agreement in article 18!!!

While most of these standards are just common sense, the requirement to have all publisher website contents in Japanese only, is not common sense.   

After all, only about 5% of the worlds population can read Japanese.   
The number of people who can read English is much greater than that.   Now, that is common sense.

Conclusion:  Link Share Japan has a business model perfect for the stone age. 

Wake up boys!!!  Your competitors such as Value Commerece, Commission Junction, Pepper Jam Network and so forth are going to steal your market share and put you in the internet marketing has been category.   

Best of luck to you guys.

And once again, thank you so much for wasting about 100 hours of my time!!!!   

Have a Merry Xmas.






2008 November 17 Monday thru November 30 Sunday.


Sorry I haven't written for so long. 
In fact some of my students have been asking me to write more often, like I used to do, because they use this blog as a textbook for learning English at home.

The reason I haven't written anything for about two weeks is not because I have nothing to write about, but rather because I have been spending all of my free time developing my new website at http://EveryThingJapan.net

The purpose of that website is entirely different from this website. 
The Every Thing Japan Network website was made for the sole purpose of becoming an affiliate marketer for advertisers of various companies.

If you have never heard of INTERNET AFFILIATE MARKETING before, and already have your own blog or website, let me take a few moments of my time to explain the basics of how to earn extra money on the internet, in your spare time, at home, without spending any of your own money to get started.

First of all, you need to get a unique domain name that you can call your own.   
This might cost you somewhere between $5 or $10.   
Then you need to find a web hosting company to host your web site. 
You can get both at the web hosting company that I use. 
It is located in Canada and is  called MyHosting.

There are even many websites on the internet where you can START A BLOG FOR FREE, such as Rakuten and Blogger.

I myself, prefer to have total control over my websites and not use any of the free blogger services offered, because I don't like working with the limited user interfaces that those free websites offer.

This SnowmanJapan website was built up using MicroSoft FrontPage and starting with only one blank web page, but that software is no longer being supported by MicroSoft.

The EveryThingJapan site is being made with Adobe (Macromedia Studio MX) Dreamweaver software, and it is truly a joy to work with this professional software package. 

The placement of everything on the web page can be made with pixel perfect accuracy, and no need for guess work.

Once you have your own blog or website up and running on the internet, you are ready to apply to various companies and start putting advertisements on your blog or website.


Perhaps the easiest place to get started is with Google AdSense for content.   
Advertisers use Google AdWords to put text based advertisements on your website automatically.   

The text advertisements will be similar to the text based content of your blog or other essays that you have published on your website.   

If somebody clicks on one of your AdSense for Content advertising links, Google charges the advertiser some money, and then pays you a percentage of that money as an AdSense publisher.   

Either way, Google makes money on the deal, and so do you.   
Of course you are not allowed to click on your own AdSense links, or Google will ban you from the program.

Another place to get started with placing colorful banners and product ads on your website is at Amazon dot COM or Amazon dot CO dot JP

Amazon calls its affiliates "associates", but they are both the same thing.
All you have to do is go to the sign up page and fill out the information there, and Amazon will get back to you within a few business days and tell you whether or not you have been approved for their program.   

Amazon has a wide variety of marketing tools for Associate Publishers that are easy to use, and can add a lot of colorful content to your website.

Other places to find affiliate programs are websites such as http://LinkShare.com     http://LinkShare.ne.jp   both of which are RakuTen companies.   

Another website you might want to check out is http://www.cj.com   
The website is called Commission Junction.   

Another website you might want to consider is http://ClickBank.com    
These websites are different from Amazon in that they offer opportunities to sign up with many other companies, known as advertisers, and not just with one company, like Amazon.   

After you have signed up at these websites, the website will allow you to apply for an affiliate program with all of their advertisers.   

Each and every advertiser that you apply to will either accept or reject your website as an affiliate publisher for that particular company.   

So far, I have been accepted by about 80% of the advertisers that I have applied to, for a total of almost 300 companies that allow me to be an affiliate publisher for them, through the above mentioned websites.


As you can imagine, with almost 300 companies and all of their banners and product links to look over and choose from, I haven't had much time to write this blog, until today.

A few of my students have asked me about how to make money on the internet from home, and the above information is what I have told them.   
I hope all of my students and the rest of you out there, who read this blog, will benefit from this very basic information about Internet Affiliate Marketing.

Until next time, happy surfing.

By the way, just below this blog, you can see a live example of Google AdSense for content.   The common text says Ads by Google, and you have probably seen them on many other web sites.






2008 September 25 Thursday thru September 29 Monday.


It was cold, dark and rainy all week, until Saturday morning. 

Then the sun came out and it warmed up a bit, making for a pleasant Indian Summer 小春日和 kind of feeling.   

I spent most of my time developing a new web site at the URL of www.everythingjapan.net .   

It looks and feels much different than this web site, and has a completely different purpose.

The web site you are looking at now, started out about 6 years ago, and looked very different then, than it does today.   

The only reason I started this web site way back then, was to give people more information about my classroom, than the Town Pages (Yellow Pages) in the telephone book could provide.   

In fact, the web site was finished just in time, before the new telephone directories were shipped to everyone in Asahikawa.   

I had put my URL www.snowmanjapan.net in my new advertisement, and didn't want people to try and access it, only to come up with a "FILE NOT FOUND" message, when they did so.   

That would be very embarrassing, to say the least.

I used FrontPage 2000 to make my first web site, and even that simple to use  software was a big challenge for me, at that time.  My first web site had only about 5 web pages in it, and was very confusing for the user to navigate through.

A year or two later, I upgraded my software to FrontPage 2002 and bought a big thick book from Amazon dot COM, called the Developer's Guide.   

This book helped a lot, and I learned how to make frames for the web site, making it easier to set up a navigation menu for the users.   

After that, I was able to organize this web site much better and added many new items to the navigation menu, and several hundreds of pages of original content, to this web site.    

It was a big improvement.

In the year 2004, I discovered Marcomedia (now Adobe) software.   

They had a software package called Studio MX, which contained Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Freehand and Flash.   

When I first bought, installed and tried to use this software, I was overwhelmed by the number of menus and functions that this excellent software package has.   

Again, I went to Amazon dot COM and bought a set of about 5 books, to help me learn how to use this new and amazing web development tool.   

It wasn't easy, and I am still an amateur, but finally, I produced a small (for now) web site that you can see at www.everythingjapan.net   

One of the things I discovered is, that DreamWeaver is so much more powerful than FrontPage, I began to wonder why I ever used FrontPage at all.   The reason is, FrontPage is so much easier to learn for people like me, who are not very Techno Smart.   

But, the good news is, I am becoming more knowledgeable about the internet and the IT industry in general, thanks in large part to my good friend Charles Hamel.

He has been working with computers and the internet for a lot longer than I have, and he has shown me so many things about IT, that he has removed the fish scales from my eyes, about the World Wide Web.   

Thank you so much, my dear friend Charlie.

You truly are; ON THE PATH in Hokkaido Japan.







請け負っている?MY PCが、突然壊れてしまったため






落ち込みから回復しようと、現在 気持ちを転換中です。




いつも応援、ありがとうございます m(__)m



2006 November 3 Friday.

CULTURE DAY.  文化の日.  A National Holiday in Japan.  How many years of culture are we observing here.  Thousands and thousands of years.  How many stars can we see in the sky?   Billions, and billions, and billions,......   Culture.

  The accumulation of mutual experience.   Very valuable information, and very important to preserve.   The mutual experiences of society as a whole, are recorded in the local LANGUAGE of that society.  In English, the word LANGUAGE comes from the French, and literally means TONGUE. 

Spoken languages were the first to arrive among animal species on the EARTH.   Written "language" was developed along the way.   The most interesting of which still survives today as the CHINESE IDEOGRAPH writing system.   Well known to Japanese and Korean as 漢字. 

These many thousands of written representations of every day objects, ideas, and even up to and beyond esoteric concepts, were developed here in EARTH?   Maybe so.   Or, maybe this knowledge was imported from somewhere else.   You be the judge.

   Even though the Korean and Japanese SPOKEN LANGUAGES are completely different from the Chinese spoken language, they both adopted the 漢字 about 4,000 years ago.

  Over the next several hundred years, both Korean and Japanese, each developed a very different, and much more simplified PHONETIC writing system, in order to make it easier for the majority of the population, to participate in meaningful communication transactions. 

It was a great boost to the integration and procession of society, and therefore, the culture itself.  Or is it the other way around?   Or, is it BOTH ways working interactively, to produce each other.   Reproduce each other and achieve synergy

    The weather today was not ideal for a long drive, or even a long walk for that matter.   There was freezing rain and some amount of wind to go along with it.  In a word, NASTY.  And cold.   I made a brave decision to stay inside and work on some internet related projects.   

Today, my main focus was to lay the web page and graphics framework for a long thought about, but not yet come to fruition idea, of having my very own radio station on the World Wide Web. 

Today, I took advantage of the lousy weather to learn more about Freehand MX and make some CG that is intended to represent a visualization of a universal transceiver. 

Receiving and sending messages at the same time.  Unfortunately, my CG visualization can ONLY SEND sound and images at this time.

I will keep working to try and improve my capibilities in this area.  You can see the SNOW RADIO COMING SOON trailer by clicking here.





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