2007 July 8 Sunday.

Another beautiful warm and sunny day in Hokkaido.   

I never get tired of it.   

At 15:00 this afternoon, Ikuko and I took a taxi on over to the     旭川市民文化会館 to see the Ballet Recital of the 内山玲子バレエ・スタジオ because the mother of one of my students had given us two tickets.   

Her daughter also goes to the UchiYama ReiKo Ballet Studio for learning Ballet Dancing.   

The recital was held in the Big Hall of the facility, and every seat was full. 

Actually, 2 of my students, and one of my former students appeared on the stage during the nearly 3 hour performance.   

One of my former students I haven't seen in about 3 years, ever since she started junior high school.   

When I heard her name announced for appearing in the next number, I anxiously awaited the curtain raising so that I could see her again.   

She appeared on stage with about 14 other dancers in the same set, but try as hard as I could, I was not able to positively identify her among the other members of the group. 

Even if I had brought my binoculars with me, I may not have been able to identify her either way.   

Children grow very fast between the ages of 12 and 16, so she looked very different from how I remembered her in the past.   

When the entire recital was finished at just before 18:00, Ikuko and I walked through the Pedestrian Mall known as 買物公園 along the center axis of this city, and on back to our classroom. 

Along the way, we stopped at the Yamaha Musical Instruments Store on 4条通り.   

I wanted to see what type of Alto Recorders they had in stock.   

We walked around in the store and saw some beautiful wooden alto recorders in a display case.   

I asked one of the store clerks, how much they cost and he replied;  "The light brown one costs 40,000 yen, and the dark brown one costs 80,000 yen."   

I said;  "Do you have any alto recorders made of plastic?"   

He replied; "Yes, we do, but they don't sound as good as the wooden ones."   

I said; "Yeah, I know, but I am just a beginner so a plastic one will do just fine."   

He led me to another part of the store, and showed me what they had in plastic.   

I chose the alto recorder that you can see in the photo above/left.   

The price tag on the gray canvas bag that held the 3 detachable parts of the big alto recorder said 2,750 yen, but when I took it to the cash register, the pretty young lady only charged me 2,100 yen.   

Why she gave me a discount, I have no idea, but I said; "Thank You!!!"    and exited the store with my new music maker.   

As you can see from the photo, it is considerably larger than the 100 yen plastic flutes that I have been playing every day, for the previous 2 months.   

It took me about 60 minutes of trying, before I could make any nice sounds with the lowest notes.   

I was pleasantly  surprised to discover that the alto recorder can make nearly the same sounds as the Native American Flute.   

I need to practice it little by little every day, so I can really enjoy some deep meditative vibrations, that I can produce myself.   

Practice makes perfect.





2007 July 3 Tuesday.

Getting hotter, up close to 30 C with some rain in the late afternoon.   

Felt good and smelled good too.   

Country living, within a big city. 

I enjoyed driving out to AU starting from about 10:00.   

Great driving weather, just wish I had time to drive farther today.    Don't.     After finishing that class at about 12:10, I drove back to my classroom, stopping at two recycle shops along the way. 

I was looking for a used 尺八 but I couldn't find one today.   

I'll try again tomorrow.    Other than that,.......   

Oh yeah!    SiCKO    

The new film by Michael Moore.   

What a  Gwaud Awful coincidence this new film release has with the situation of Charles Hamel and Family in Houston Texas.   

Can you see the big picture now?   

I thought I had already seen the worst in this ridiculous situation, but when I visited CharlesHamel dot COM, again today, I learned that the price of passing a kidney stone, had just gone up again!!!   

Say What???   

Speak Truth 2 Bullshit.   

Bullshit dries up and sinks back into the hole from which it came, in the face of TRUTH.   

Phuckin' Xit!!!   

Slither back into the slime pit from which you have come.   

Get a real life you heartless bean counter EGO maniacs.   

Even if your bio-vehicle lives to become 100 years old, your light in the sky, has only grown dimmer.   

One step forward, Two steps back.   

Wake the phuck up, before you step back twice again.   

Old bean counters never die, they just fade into BLACK.   

A BLACK HOLE from which no LIGHT of any kind can be seen.   

Have a nice eternity, ya stupid phucks.