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Sorry I haven't written for so long. 
In fact some of my students have been asking me to write more often, like I used to do, because they use this blog as a textbook for learning English at home.

The reason I haven't written anything for about two weeks is not because I have nothing to write about, but rather because I have been spending all of my free time developing my new website at http://EveryThingJapan.net

The purpose of that website is entirely different from this website. 
The Every Thing Japan Network website was made for the sole purpose of becoming an affiliate marketer for advertisers of various companies.

If you have never heard of INTERNET AFFILIATE MARKETING before, and already have your own blog or website, let me take a few moments of my time to explain the basics of how to earn extra money on the internet, in your spare time, at home, without spending any of your own money to get started.

First of all, you need to get a unique domain name that you can call your own.   
This might cost you somewhere between $5 or $10.   
Then you need to find a web hosting company to host your web site. 
You can get both at the web hosting company that I use. 
It is located in Canada and is  called MyHosting.

There are even many websites on the internet where you can START A BLOG FOR FREE, such as Rakuten and Blogger.

I myself, prefer to have total control over my websites and not use any of the free blogger services offered, because I don't like working with the limited user interfaces that those free websites offer.

This SnowmanJapan website was built up using MicroSoft FrontPage and starting with only one blank web page, but that software is no longer being supported by MicroSoft.

The EveryThingJapan site is being made with Adobe (Macromedia Studio MX) Dreamweaver software, and it is truly a joy to work with this professional software package. 

The placement of everything on the web page can be made with pixel perfect accuracy, and no need for guess work.

Once you have your own blog or website up and running on the internet, you are ready to apply to various companies and start putting advertisements on your blog or website.


Perhaps the easiest place to get started is with Google AdSense for content.   
Advertisers use Google AdWords to put text based advertisements on your website automatically.   

The text advertisements will be similar to the text based content of your blog or other essays that you have published on your website.   

If somebody clicks on one of your AdSense for Content advertising links, Google charges the advertiser some money, and then pays you a percentage of that money as an AdSense publisher.   

Either way, Google makes money on the deal, and so do you.   
Of course you are not allowed to click on your own AdSense links, or Google will ban you from the program.

Another place to get started with placing colorful banners and product ads on your website is at Amazon dot COM or Amazon dot CO dot JP

Amazon calls its affiliates "associates", but they are both the same thing.
All you have to do is go to the sign up page and fill out the information there, and Amazon will get back to you within a few business days and tell you whether or not you have been approved for their program.   

Amazon has a wide variety of marketing tools for Associate Publishers that are easy to use, and can add a lot of colorful content to your website.

Other places to find affiliate programs are websites such as http://LinkShare.com     http://LinkShare.ne.jp   both of which are RakuTen companies.   

Another website you might want to check out is http://www.cj.com   
The website is called Commission Junction.   

Another website you might want to consider is http://ClickBank.com    
These websites are different from Amazon in that they offer opportunities to sign up with many other companies, known as advertisers, and not just with one company, like Amazon.   

After you have signed up at these websites, the website will allow you to apply for an affiliate program with all of their advertisers.   

Each and every advertiser that you apply to will either accept or reject your website as an affiliate publisher for that particular company.   

So far, I have been accepted by about 80% of the advertisers that I have applied to, for a total of almost 300 companies that allow me to be an affiliate publisher for them, through the above mentioned websites.


As you can imagine, with almost 300 companies and all of their banners and product links to look over and choose from, I haven't had much time to write this blog, until today.

A few of my students have asked me about how to make money on the internet from home, and the above information is what I have told them.   
I hope all of my students and the rest of you out there, who read this blog, will benefit from this very basic information about Internet Affiliate Marketing.

Until next time, happy surfing.

By the way, just below this blog, you can see a live example of Google AdSense for content.   The common text says Ads by Google, and you have probably seen them on many other web sites.






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