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2008 December 15 Monday thru December 22 Monday.


Today, December 22 is the Winter Solstice.   
It is the longest night and the shortest day of the year. 
It is not the coldest time of year in Asahikawa, that will come in the middle of February.

This past week was my last week of classes before the start of my 3 week winter vacation. 
As such, there was a small Xmas Party during each and every one of my classes, with a small gift for each and every student to take home with them.

Speaking of Xmas parties, I was invited to the METS 英会話 School's Xmas party, that was held at the Leo Palace Hotel on Saturday night from 19:00 until 21:00.

I don't know for sure, but I think this school has been around longer than my own classroom.   
I remember seeing their Town Pages Advertisement every year since I first started my school back in 1996.

Anyway, I met the people who work at and manage the school for the very first time on Saturday evening.

In a word, they are very nice people and if you live in the Suehiro Area of Asahikawa, you may enjoy attending some of their classes.   
They even have classes at other locations around Asahikawa such as Lumine and other citizen learning centers.   

Be on the look out for METS メッツ 英会話 posters when you go shopping at the 100 Yen store or you local supermarket.

After the METS 英会話 Xmas Party was finished at 21:30, I was invited by the manager Mr. S., to join everyone at another location for a second party, but I declined the offer because I was thinking about doing some more work on my affiliate website the Every Thing Japan Network.   

So, I sad thank you very much and started walking home along the icy sidewalks of downtown Asahikawa.

As I passed by the Planet Building, I suddenly remembered that I haven't been to the Piano in Pub, for a very long time. 
Since I was already in the area, I decided to take the elevator up to the 8th floor and join the party.

The reason I like this place so much, is because the owner can play any song on the piano and the customers can sing along on an open microphone.   

If you like going to a Karaoke Box and singing all of you favorite songs, you will like this place even better.

Not only that, but on Saturday nights they are open until 02:00 on Sunday morning, and a lot of really talented musicians stop by to play their musical instruments.   
It is an excellent place to meet up and get together for for a LIVE JAM!

On Sunday afternoon starting at 14:00, I went bowling with the Asahikawa University Lifelong Learning Class 旭川大学生涯教育クラス at the Dinos Sugai Building located on Taisetsu Doori.   

About the only time I go bowling at all, is with this group of people, and in 2005 I got the highest score over two games and won about 10,000 yen worth of book certificates. 

However, this year I didn't do as well.   
Although I paid 1,200 yen for two games of bowling, I won a total of 1,500 yen in book gift certificates 図書カード.   
Not a bad deal by any standards.

Tomorrow is the Emperor's Birthday and thus, a National Holiday.






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