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2008 October 20 Monday thru October 26 Sunday.


It is steadily getting colder but the sun was out for much of the week. 

During the weekend there were some very sudden and violent rainstorms, with thunder and lightning.   

For those of you who were caught out in the rain without an umbrella, I hope you didn't catch a nasty cold out of the deal.

I didn't go anyway this weekend, even though I am running very low on Korean Dried Red Chili Pepper Flakes.   

An essential ingredient for me at almost every meal.  Especially with soups and curry.

One of my favorite snacks between classes, is to eat pre-cooked curry packets with brown rice.   

There are many varieties of curry packets for sale at any super market in Japan.   

They range in price from 70 yen up to 400 yen for just one 200 gram foil package. 

Some of these brands taste better than others, but none of them are any where near spicy enough, for me.

That is why dried red chili pepper flakes are so important to me.   

I usually add about one heaping レンゲ soup spoon full of red pepper for every packet of curry that I heat up in the microwave oven.

First, I heat up the curry sauce in a domburi bowl.   

Then, I add the hot and spicy red stuff, stirring it around well so as to mix the flavors together.   

Then the bowl goes back into the microwave again for a second heating.   

When the chime rings, I take the bowl out of the oven, mix it around again, and then add two or three scoops of freshly cooked brown rice on top of it all. 

Yum yum.


The brown rice provides a lot of bulk, fiber and minerals, and the wicked hot curry sauce provides the zesty flavor that I need to make it all worthwhile.

Considering the large amount of red chili flakes that I use almost every day, I need to go to Western Supermarket and buy huge bags of imported Korean red chili.   

The tiny little bags of it that they sell at the next door Seikyo Supermarket aren't even enough for one meal, for me.   

Am I hooked on this stuff???    I guess so.   

I wonder if most Koreans eat as much of this stuff as I do?   

I guess I'll have to ask one some time.





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