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2008 July 20 Sunday and 21 Monday.


Umi No Hi, 海の日 or as I like to call it, Marine Day, is a National Holiday in Japan.   

Ikuko and I were planning to go to Sapporo and stay overnight on Sunday, but I backed out of the deal at the last moment because I had an awesome stomach ache.   

No thank you, to riding the train for 3 hours and walking around a big city, far away from toilets, all day long.   

I stayed home.  So, Ikuko went with her mother instead.   

Her younger sister lives in Sapporo now, so they all had a merry time as a happy trio.   

While they were swilling it up at the Sapporo Beer Garden Genghis Khan BBQ beer hall, I was sitting at home, eating brown rice and natto.    

After that, I had a midnight snack of hot buttered popcorn.   

Thanks to Charles Hamel, I can once again enjoy the smoky flavor of fresh popped popcorn, right here in my own home.   

He brought it with him from Houston Texas USA, when he and his family made their big move to Hokkaido.   

What a treat and a much appreciated and often used gift.   

Thanx again.    Ikuko came back from Sapporo at about 12 noon on Monday morning, and showed me all of the photos she had taken on her mobile phone camera.   

Looks like everybody had a really good time.   

Me too, in a lonely sort of way.    Starting tomorrow is the last week of classes before the start of a three week summer vacation.   

I'm giving a final exam tomorrow at AU, making use of the internet to get the job done.   

Being able to find the information you want on the web quickly and easily, is an important job skill in this day and age.   

College kids need to learn this as fast as possible.   

Some of them will.    Others won't.   

It's an individual choice.





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