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2008 January 28 Monday.

A bit warmer during daytime because the sunshine has overpowered the clouds.   

Snow Country is magical when the snow crystals shine at their brightest white, with all colors of the rainbow, thrown in for good measure.   

The daytime air is crisp and clear, and has a sort of OZONE smell about it.    

Very refreshing.    

When everything around you is covered by snow (frozen water crystals), not only is it beautiful to look at, but it is also a source of unlimited energy in the fact that it is stable in its vibrations.   

Water is the reason for life, on this planet.   

No big mystery there.    

But, what if the single life of an animal or plant, of any type, was merely a balloon of mostly water, jumping up out of the cosmic soup, for what seems like a very long time, only to drop back down again into the ocean of universal knowledge, in order to remix with the source, and then once again, when the snowball effect has reached its critical mass, JUMP UP AGAIN for yet another round of LIFE in the SUN.   

Billons and billions and billions and billions (RIP Carl Sagan) of plants and animals in endless varieties, do NOW and have throughout recorded history, lived on this planet, the third rock from the SUN.    


THE mother of all mothers, when it comes to animated mass, in our world.   

In yesterday's BLOG, i posted my version of THE EARTH MANDALA.   

If you look right into the center of that image, you can see a protruding point of blue and white light.   

THAT is the focus of today's image.   

THE ONE LIFE that all plants and animals have, ON THIS TIME AROUND.    There will be more.   

More and more.   

There have been others.   

Many many others.   In the PAST.      

But not really.      TIME is synchronicity.   

Everything is happing ALL AT ONCE, and there is nothing that YOU NOR I,  can do about it, BUT to tune in, or IGNORE IT.   

Can you really ignore IT?   

If you are reading this blog right now in water balloon form, you already know that the answer is no.   

Look around you.   

Outside of the MEGALOPOLIS, would be my choice.   

A splash in the pond, a drop in the ocean.      

We are all one.    

Flush your toilet, and see it for yourself.   

This XIT, is nothing new.   

Always has been, always will be.   

It just IS.





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