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2008 January 22 Tuesday.

This is my MANDALA.   

The one which I made just a few moments ago, on an inspiration from www.charleshamel.com   

It has been a very long time since I have thought about this universal art form.   

My very earliest memory of these types of  patterns, were from the Native American peoples, who live in the North American Southwest.   

I am talking about the 4 corners region of the USA which is comprised of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. 

In that region of the world, the various indigenous peoples, Navaho, Hopi, Zuni and others, have traditionally made elaborate SAND PAINTINGS, that only last for a few moments, after taking hours upon hours to create.   

They all know a BASIC LAW of the COSMOS.   

It is NOT the destination, IT IS the journey along the path, that  gets THERE. 

And then, MOVES ON TO the NEXT destination.   

IT is ALWAYS on the path,   IT is sometimes at REST, but only for a moment.   

IT is sometimes formed as a dream, and IT is sometimes formed while awake, but IT is ALWAYS MOVING FORWARD.   Crash against a wall.   Stop.   

Stand back, two steps.   

Step forward three steps and,....  Break Thru!!!   


By the way, the INTENTION behind this Mandala which I just made for THAT purpose, was created with the IMAGE of a family of 4 people, in mind.   

A mother, father, and two children.   

That is how my family was.   

Nowadays, there is just me and my younger sister in that DNA lane to nowhere.   

I know a lot of other families who adhere to this SAME basic pattern.   

It is a very STRONG and STABLE 4 way, combination.   

It works in all seasons.   

The FOUR seasons, maybe EIGHT if you count all of the in between days.   

Do I see a vision, of a coloring book for CHILDREN, and creative adults in the making here?   

Anything is possible.   

Just USE your brain to explore IT. 

And, let's MEET AGAIN.





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