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2007 December 4 Tuesday.

Another beautiful photograph from the website Rambling On My Hokkaido.   

This is a photograph of Mt. Yotei, also known as Ezo Fuji, that was taken on November 4 of this year, at 17:24.   

I am currently using this photo as the wallpaper 壁紙 for my personal computer.   

If you also would like to use this photo as a wall paper on your PC, it is OK with the photographer, if you do so.   

He even says so at the top of every page on his very extensive website.    

Click here  to go to the original high resolution version of this photograph, above/left. 

You too can copy and paste it into your PC, and enjoy it just like I do, everyday.   

If you can read Japanese, you also get the benefit of reading his detailed descriptions of each and every photo.   

Obviously, this guy knows a whole lot about, all aspects of Hokkaido.   

In fact, I am using his website as another study guide, for next year's   北海道観光マスター検定 in November of 2008.      

On a different subject,....    

Yesterday my classroom received a phone call, from the mother of one of my former students.   

Her son first came to my classroom in 2001, when he was 8 years old.   

Shortly before he came to my classroom for the first time, he and his family had lived in Houston Texas, for about 6 months.   

Without knowing any English at all, he was enrolled in a regular Houston elementary school.   

In other words, he had massive exposure to spoken American English, from a very early age. 

As a result, his EARS were naturally tuned into the music. 

The music which is spoken language. 

Any spoken language.   

In this case, American English.   

Anyway, his mother called my classroom again today, and asked for a consultation session with her son, and his father, TODAY.   

We were able to schedule them in for one hour, starting at 18:00.   

When the now almost 15 years old N君 walked into my classroom, I was taken aback, by the fact that he is now, as tall as I am, and very handsome, and able to engage in English Conversation with ease, and fluency.   

What a pleasant surprise.   

He told me for the first time today, that he has been playing golf, since the age of 9 years old.   

A good looking guy like this, who can speak perfect English, and play golf very well, has a lot of opportunities in this BIG WORLD we all "live" in.   

Thank you for coming back to my classroom again, after all of these years.   

You and I,  will get yourself very well prepared, for your soon to come, 3 years of living in Australia and going to a senior high school there, all at the same time.    

What a trip.      

Is it any wonder that I love my life's WORK?      

A Work and a Wonder.





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