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2007 October 3 Wednesday.

They still haven't moved my stuff back onto it's rightful territory upon the big patio.   

A somewhat hopeful sign, that NAVY GRAY will not be the final color of my sun deck in Private Hokkaido.   

There is still hope that another coating of green goo, will restore my favorite home, just outside of my home, back to the big green outdoor garden party,  that it used to be.   

However, my hopes were deeply shattered at about 15:00, when I saw workmen, putting the AC units back into their original deck holes, and another crew of guys, began putting the final touches on the bricks and the steel railings.   

Not a good sign that they will put another coat of green paint down on the deck. 

In fact, it is 99% certain, that they won't.   

Every meaningful project, has certain steps that follow each other, in a certain order.   

There is NO WAY that my sun deck, will be anything but gray, as of today.   

And for many years to come.   

It will be interesting to see, how long it will stay looking like a white sandy beach, without the beach tar.   

Light colors show dirt more easily than dark colors do.    

Need I say more?      Maybe. 





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