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2007 October 27 Saturday.

This is the day for the 5 hour lecture, about taking the 北海道観光マスター検定 Master of Hokkaido Tourism examination. 

From 10:00 until 16:00, about 45 people including myself, listened to 札幌国際大学観光学部観光学科の   吉岡 宏高先生   Talk about the 2nd annual examination, and what parts of the book, and what facts need to be looked into more closely, and also some amusing stories about traveling around Hokkaido, and how some things have changed, and some things have remained the same. 

It was a very interesting 5 hours lecture with a full one hour lunch break between 12:00 and 13:00.   

The walk back home however, was a bit cold, due to the fact that I wasn't wearing any socks nor shoes. 

I was barefoot in sandals.

Feels great during most of the year, but not today.   

Brrrrrrr.....    When I get back home I am going to fill up a big tub with hot water, climb in, and make everything better, all over again.   

Then, I need to sit down and read some more of what is written in this book.   

I have until November 23 to learn it all.   

Am I up to the challenge?   

We shall see.





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