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2007 October 31 Wednesday.


What does it all mean???   

Are you talking about NOW, or about the ORIGINS of this cultural icon.   

It was a perfect night for walking around in the neighborhood, and NOT ringing anybody's  doorbell.   

I finished my last lesson at 19:00 today, so I took advantage of the extra free time to take a not so long walk in the coolld evening air.   

I was imagining myself as a twelve year old me, the one that I remember, and went to the 100 Yen Shop, Rabbit, and onto the river line cycling roads.   

My intentions were strong, but my bare feet and toes in sandals, were getting too cold to bare any longer, so I took a shortcut through Crystal Park, and came back home by about 20:00.   Everybody else were wearing socks and shoes.   

They have more common sense than I.   But I am WILDer.   

Not Oscar, but Norman.   

I write for fun.   I write as a hobby.   

If you don't like the stuff I write, CLICK ON THE RED square with the white X.   

That is your eXit window.    

Either way, HAPPY HALLOWEEN to each and all of us who are aware of this event.   

It only happens once a year so, remember it and recollect upon it, as each and every cycle of the sun goes around and around.   





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