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2007 October 20 Saturday.


This morning at about 10:30, I attended a lecture of The Open College, being held at the newly remodeled Kagura Citizens Exchange Center.   

The presentation was given by a Canadian guy, that I have known for more than 15 years.   

His subject was Urban Sprawl in Western Countries, and he had a lot of google earth photos within his powerpoint slide show.   

It made me feel once again, how much I love living AWAY from the nasty world of URBAN SPRAWL.    

Hokkaido is just the right size for human habitation.   

David gave his speech in English while using bilingual slides, while a teacher from the Commercial High School gave some interpretation into Japanese, for the benefit of those audience members who may not be able to understand exactly what David was saying in perfect North American English.   

I had the benefit of understanding all of BOTH.   

Language is a tool.   

After listening to the excellent 90 minutes presentation, I went downstairs to take a look at the new Kagura Library.   

Very nice.   I think I will be spending more and more time over there, during the cold and dark days.   

As I left the building and started walking back to my place, it started to rain.  

And continued to do so long after I had arrived back home.   

Tomorrow, it will only get worse.   And colder.   

Tonight, I need to do surgery on my electric practice bass guitar.   

A couple of wires need to be soldered back on to their terminals, or I can't get any sound out of the axe.   

It won't take long, and I'll be back to practicing the basics.





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