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2007 August 26 Sunday.

Another photo of "useless" stone tools that were made, not for real use, but for ceremonies and rituals.   

The 4 long and flat specimens starting from the top left corner of the photo, are known as SekiTou 石刀.   

The two round specimens in the lower right-hand corner of the display case are called SekiBou 関棒, and are thought to be representations of the protruding male sexual organ, the penis, and were probably used in fertility ceremonies and other such ritual events. 

I very much doubt that they were used as "adult toys", but one never knows for sure, in such matters of private conduct.   

Again, this is an example of what can be created out of NOTHING SPECIAL, and transformed into SOMETHING SPECIAL.   

AIR into WATER.   

WATER into CLOUDs.   CLOUDs into RAIN.   

RAIN into RIVERs.   RIVERs into SEAs.   

SEAs into OCEANS.  OCEANs into CLOUDS.   

CLOUDs into RAIN, and around and around we go, where it STOPs, nobody knows.   

WHY?    Because IT NEVER STOPs!   

THAT is why there is LIFE, HERE and NOW, still again.   Even to this very day.   

Are you anticipating the END OF THIS WORLD.   

Are you actively PRAYING for it?   

If so, you need a COLD HARD SLAP in the FACE.   

You, yourself might be doomed, but the EARTH is HEALTHY.   

Global Warming is caused by SUN CYCLES.   

NOT by the puny farts of humankind.    

WE, are not that important. 

WE are merely OBSERVERs, still alive because, and ONLY BECAUSE, the planet EARTH has not become too hot, nor too cold, for the majority of US,  as of THIS MOMENT in time.   


Cycles come and cycles go.   

Infinite Intelligence is ALWAYS THE SAME.    

Back to Basics.   Back to Jomon.   

Sunrise, Sunset.    

A FULL ECLIPSE of the MOON will happen on August 28, from 19:00 until about 21:00, Japan Standard Time.   

I'm looking forward to OBSERVEing IT.   

How about you?





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