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2007 August 21 Tuesday.

First class doesn't start until 15:00, so I have a lot of time to read more of the printed materials that I got at the 南茅部縄文遺跡群 国指定史跡 大船遺跡.  

They even went so far as to make and print a Comic Book 漫画 entitled 縄文の里 Home of the Jomon 北の夜明け Northern Dawn.   

It is very well done and makes it easy for even children, to understand the basics of Jomon Culture.   

Along with all of the daily chores that the Jomon People had to do just to survive, there is also the constant theme of how all life is connected, and that all life must be respected and praised with gratitude, at all times.   

Like I said in yesterday's blog, this is an entirely different mentality, from that which pervades the MASS MEDIA bullshit of today. 

Turn off the Boob Tube. 

Spend more time outdoors with your family.   

Watch the real theater of life, with living things all around you and everywhere.   

From the highest mountain, to the deepest ocean, from the driest desert, to the wettest rain forest, there is LIFE.   

In amazing variety, and endless abundance.   

The WORLD is NOT coming to an end, but hopefully the false beliefs and nonsense lifestyles, promoted by what we call ENTERTAINMENT, will have its death-grip on less and less people, as THE SHIFT gets into full swing.   

When was the last time you sat in a swing, on a playground anyway?   

I live right next door to Crystal Park, where they have a swing set among many other things.   

I especially love to gaze into the water fountain during  the early evening, just after sunset.  H2O is always in motion.





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