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2007 September 27 Thursday.

At exactly 4 days after the Autumn Equinox, autumn is starting to do its thing, by allowing the air to get noticeably colder day by day.   

It won't be long now, until I will have to start wearing socks and shoes again.   

Every year, from about May until October, I never wear socks or shoes at all, during the courses of my daily life.   

I go everywhere in only bare feet and sandals.   


Because it feels soooooooo good. 

That's the main reason why. 

Another reason why, is because it is warm enough to do so,  without loosing the sensation of touch in your feet.   

Try walking like this in the snow sometime, and you will immediately understand what I am talking about here.   

Yeah, another season of snow will soon be upon us. 

I couldn't stop it, even if I used the full power of all my will and intentions.   

I only have two choices.   

Stay here and change my wardrobe, or move south to where the snow never falls.   

I choose to stay here.   

After all, I AM snowman japan. 


Hokkaido 147.





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