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2007 August 31 Friday.

I had a class with one half of the second year students at the Dokan Nursing School 北海道立旭川高等看護学院 from 9:00 until 10:30 this morning.   

After that, I got into a taxi and asked the driver to take me to the Asahikawa Chamber of Commerce.   

When we arrived there, I asked him to wait for about 5 minutes, while I went inside to buy a textbook and get an application form for The Master of Hokkaido Tourism examination 北海道観光マスター検定.   

When I came back out of the building again, the driver took me back to my classroom.   

In the photo above/left, you can see the cover of the textbook.  I

t is 142 pages in 4 colors of the A4 size, divided into 8 chapters with a data index.  The eight chapters are entitled as follows;  About being a Master of Hokkaido Tourism  北海道観光マスターについて,   Basic Information about Hokkaido  北海道の基礎情報,   Hokkaido's Sightseeing Areas   北海道の観光地,   The History of Hokkaido  北海道の歴史,   Festivals in Hokkaido   北海道の祭り,    The Nature of Hokkaido  北海道の自然,   Hokkaido's Transportation Networks and Facilities  北海道の交通網と交通機関.   

A rather wide ranging study course, to prepare for the exam. 

I can read this book rather easily, but at a somewhat slower speed, than if it were written in English.

Sometimes, I have to read a certain passage two or three times to fully understand it.   

No problem.   

All I have is time.   

About 6 weeks in fact, to memorize all of this information about Hokkaido.   

The magic island upon which I live, and the land and people which I love, more than any other, anywhere on this Earth.   

I want to know everything about it, and this is a good start.   

I'd like to write more today, but I need to get back to reading this book. 

Talk to ya all later. 





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