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2007 September 22 Saturday.


A PERFECT Indian Summer Day. 

It doesn't get any better than this. 

At about 14:00, I left my classroom and walked slowly towards the center of Asahikawa City, across the Chubetsu Bridge, and then towards the back entrance of the Chuo Bus Station.   

Right next door was my first objective.   

I stopped in at the Matsui Jewelry Shop, to pick up my chunky 27 stone turquoise necklace, that needed a new chain and monster clasp.   

It was ready as promised and I promptly put it on, and continued my leisurely walk in the warm autumn sun, with a slow cool breeze to make it absolutely excellent.   

I walked thru Kaimono Koen to Tokiwa Park.   

It was in Tokiwa Park that I took the photos in today's blog.   

The light was just perfect, for some very bright pix of the GOLDEN CARP.


I haven't done any alterations on these photos except for a tweek on brightness and contrast, on the first 2 photos only.   

The other three are printed as taken.   

I lingered around this area for about 20 minutes or so.   

There was so much to observe, here.Is that the most amazing looking carp you have ever seen, or what.   

This is only the second time I have seen one of this 99.9% pure gold color.   

They seem to be something of a rarity.   

I continued walking along the Ishikari River line, passing over several bridges, and walking for a total of about 3 hours.   

Who knows when the weather will be this good again.    

You've got the time, step out NOW.





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