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2007 June 19 Tuesday.

Today I went to Asahikawa University as usual for a class with the freshman and repeaters starting at 10:40.   

When that class was all wrapped up at 12:10, and while I was walking out the front door of the university, one of the junior professors called out to me, and asked me if I had time to meet some foreign exchange students from Inner Mongolia.   

I said;  "Sure, I'd be happy to."   

We walked back into the main entrance and turned to the left, where a new room had been set up.   

The sign above the door said; Foreign Exchange Students Meeting Room, or something like that.   

When the professor and I had entered the room, I saw three young ladies, one of whom is in the English class that I had just finished teaching.   

The other two I have never met before.   

All five of us sat down and talked in English, Japanese and a tiny bit of Chinese, until about 13:00.   


I have forgotten how to speak Chinese!   

Xit!  Here is a big opportunity to learn it again!   

I was invited to come back again next week, and I most certainly will do so.   

Time to listen to those basic conversation CDs again.





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