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2007 June 18 Monday.

My first gig of today was a 90 minute "class" at the 神楽公民館で英会話を楽しむ会。

Today, I brought along three new plastic vertical flutes with me, that I had just purchased at the Kagura Daiso at about 13:00 yesterday afternoon.   

Three colors;  Pink, Yellow, Blue.   

I picked up the blue one and played a simple major scale and mentioned how I have been enjoying playing the flute either at home, or down by the riverside.   

I encouraged anyone in the group who so desired, to take a blow on one of the flutes and play a simple song or two.   

Only one person, accepted my invitation, although I am sure that most of the members of this group can play a scale or two.   

My next topic of the day, was Medical Health Insurance issues with a focus on the different systems used in Japan and the USA.   

I specifically brought up the situation of Charles Hamel and Family, and asked the members of the group;  "How much do you think it cost him to go to the hospital for 3 days and pass kidney stones."   

Most people came up with an estimate of $500 or $600  dollars, to be paid by the patient.   

When I wrote the number $4,100 on the blackboard, everybody's jaw dropped to their knees, and they had a totally blank look on their faces.   Yeah, in a nutshell; they couldn't phuckin' believe it.   

I could, but then again,...    

I lived in the USA for about 33 years.   

I know what it's like to live there as a hard working middle class kind of guy.   

Because the USA has no Universal Health Care Plan for all of its Citizens, regardless of income level, a person who suddenly finds themselves unemployed for any reason, may suddenly have no more health insurance.   

That's the real bottom line.   

One thoughtful member of our group asked me the probing question;  "What happens if an uninsured person gets sick?"    

I looked at her straight in the eyes, smiled in an evil sort of way and answered;  "They must either heal themselves, or die."  

Everyone looked shocked.   

Another person made the comment that roughly translates into;   "What a heartless society."    

You can say that again my friend.   

I've been there and seen that.   

I choose a different world, a CIVILIZED WORLD, where   WA   和 is the name of the game.    

After that gig was finished at 14:30, I walked back to my classroom for straight lessons from 15:00 until 20:00. 

When all of my lessons were finished for the day, I sat down to check my email, and several other websites including HOKKAIDO BOUND.   

What I saw in the blog for this very same day, Monday June 18 TEXAS TIME was an update on the real COST of a SCREWBALL health care system that always puts the  BEAN COUNTERS  first.   

If you have a huge appetite for bullshit, click here to see the gory details.    

Xrist!    JeeeeezUS!   

How much does it take!!!   to get out of this place?   

Whatever it takes to get off the ground, and start flying, pay it forward and make your move NOW.   

I can't phuckin' believe it.   

Life DOES NOT suck. 

Living in a house of cards is what sucks.   

And so does an old vacuum cleaner that doesn't suck anymore.   

Useless things MUST be thrown away.   

Useful TOOLS must be retained, and carried with oneself at all times.   

Certain knowledge, and a vertical flute are an easy,....     and enjoyable way to get started.      

A vision quest can happen at anytime and anywhere, but only if you can visualize nature as you have already observed it,....   






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