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2007 June 17 Sunday.

The photo you can see in yesterday's blog and the one in today's blog, were both taken during today, Sunday June 17.   

The weather today was so perfect, in every way, that I wasn't even aware of my physical body for most of my journey today.   

The air temperature was just to the point that,  I didn't even notice it.   

There was no wind.   None at all.   

The sunshine was hot, but not too hot.   

Everything was perfect for a walk down to one of my favorite hidden beaches along the Biei River, less than one kilometer from my home. 

I won't tell you exactly where it is, but if you are one of the gentle persons who comes to my little old classroom on a regular basis, I will draw you a BIG MAP to this very location on the white board.   

It is very easy to find, and this area will soon be connected to the center of town, by a brand new bridge!   

Oh, No!     I've already said too much.   

Please don't invade my Private Hokkaido.   

But then again, there are unlimited, Private Hokkaido launch pads on this island.    

Anyway, this tiny beach is right behind a very famous sightseeing spot right here in Kagura, and there is a walking trail through a small forest right above this private beach, so I was not totally isolated from other humans in the physical sense of the word.   

I came to this location at about 13:00 today, and I stayed until about 16:30.   

Somewhere close to 3 and one half hours, at this same location.   

As you can see from yesterday's blog photo, and also the one for today, I brought a vertical flute with me.   

I spent the entire time of nearly 4 hours, practicing the flute at full volume and observing everything about the local nature surrounding me, as I created original melodies out of thin air.   

Make no mistake about it, the animals within earshot of my "music" received it and responded to it.   

Yes, we had mutual communication.   

Especially with the crows and wild hawks.   They would fly low above me, to check me out while I was simultaneously observing them.   

I especially love the wild hawks which are known here as 鳶 and 鷹.   

They are the most beautiful of flying machines and they have a very high and somewhat shrill calling voice, that I tried to imitate on my flute, with mixed results.   T

he crows are mostly an annoyance to both me and the hawks.   

The crows regularly engage in airborne combat with the hawks, especially if the hawks are near the crows' nesting areas.   

When the crows start giving me a hard time, I blaze 'em with high pitched blasts of high decibel notes from my flute.   

It makes them stop and shut up for various lengths of time.   

Also during my  VISION QUEST  of this afternoon, an Akita Dog and its owner were walking along the opposite bank of the river heading upstream towards the southeast.   

The dog reacted very positively to my staccato flute riffs, and even tried briefly to jump into the river, with an intention to swim over to my side, but common sense soon got the better of him.   

The dog's owner, and elderly gentleman finally called the dog to come back over to him, and continue walking together.   

On my side of the river it was only me and the bubble of light that I was floating in.   

The only other humans that came down to my private beach were a medical doctor looking kind of guy, to whom I said; こんにちわ! 

And he in turn replied; こんにちわ! End of conversation.   

I faced back towards the river and continued my broadcasting channel via the vertical flute.   

After about two or three or maybe even a few more minutes, the M.D. looking chap had already taken in enough during his very short look at the river and walked back up to the trail from which he had come, to continue his walk in the forest towards the west.    

About 55 minutes later, a married couple, first the man and then the woman, came down to my private Hokkaido beach, to take a look around for a bit longer than the previous humanoid. 

Again I greeted them one by one, but this time I said; こんばんわ both times, and both of them answered; こんにちわ.   

What time is it anyway?  It is daytime. 

In the afternoon to be exact.   

Soon it will become dark enough again,  to call it nighttime.   

Plus the limitless shades of light and dark,   color and light,  heat and cold,   in between.   

What time is it, indeed.    

It is the time of your life.       

It is always TODAY.





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