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2007 June 15 Friday.

The photo on the left is another one that I took yesterday, inside the Taisetsu Arena, at the annual Flower Festa.   

In my opinion, the small bush in a tray 盆栽 art form, is stunningly beautiful.   

I especially like the miniature pine trees, none of which were on display at this location.   

This morning starting at 9:00, I had a class with one half of the second year students at the Dokan Nursing School, right next door to the National Medical College and Hospital of Asahikawa.   

Today, we did pair work using page one of my original textbook entitled Word Associations, the 4th word.   

It contains 6 sets of 5 lines with three words each, such as;  red    yellow    green     __________.    

You fill in the fourth word with what ever word pops into your mind first.   

Some of the students were absent today, so I paired up with the only boy in this half of the second year students class.   

Also today, I brought along my Rubik's Cube as a fun prop, and also to see how many of the kids in the class could solve the puzzle.   

Remember, I myself cannot yet do it.   

I have only learned the 8 step solution, up to the end of the second step.   

I gave the cube to various people in the class, and one of them was able to completely solve the puzzle in under 10 minutes!   

I was amazed.   

Right across the hall from my classroom today, is a classroom of the 1st year students.   

The doors were open, and there was no teacher in the room during this class time, so I walked on over and said;  "Hi!  Can anyone in this class solve the Rubik's Cube?"   

One of the boys in the class said;  "Yes there is but, he is not in this room right now."   

So, I said;  "When he comes back to this room, please call me."   

The young gentleman said;  "OK.   I will."    

About 10 minutes later, the young guy and his classmate came on over to our second year students classroom, and I gave the new kid the Rubik's Cube, and said;  "Ready?   Start!".   

This kid too, knows the method and was twisting around methodically on the cube for only about 7 minutes before he also, completely solved the puzzle!!!   


I too will learn how to solve the puzzle completely and in a timely manner, but right now, I am more into playing the vertical flute (recorder) while walking along the river banks at night, or during the day.   

I mean, the weather is just so nice this time of year, and if I don't get out and about as much as possible, I feel like I am missing a big window of opportunity, to get close with the limitless beauties of nature, that only appear during this season of no snow.   


Speaking of which, I am leaving for a walk with flute, right now.   

Talk to ya'all again TOMORROW.   

Tomorrow, I have a very important message for Charles Hamel and Family so please check back again, at that time. 






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