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2007 July 11 Wednesday.

Today is Seven Eleven Day. 

Or, at least it should be.   

They should be giving discounts on everything in the store for this one day only.  Novel idea?   

Not for me, but then again, I have no connection to the Mega Corporation that now owns the franchise rights to this very first of all convenience stores.   

Originally, the stores were open from 7:00 in the morning until 11:00 at night.   

That is why they called it 7 - Eleven.   

At that time, it was a new idea because they opened earlier and closed later than any other grocery store, anywhere.   

Nowadays, they are open 24/7/365.   

I can clearly remember the very first 7-11 in my home town of Spokane Washington.   

It was located about 2 miles from my house, along a small highway that ran along through the countryside and just above the Hangman Valley.   

I used to ride my bicycle, a Schwinn Sting Ray Cherry Picker, down to the store almost every day to buy a Slurpee during the hot summer months.   

Not only did they have a new flavor every week, but they also had colorful badges that advertised the new flavors, which you could receive along with your Slurpee.  Needless to say, I had a rather large collection of these buttons. 

The photo you can see above/left is of a bicycle that is almost exactly the same as my bicycle was in my elementary school days, except my bike was red.   

Notice the cool stick shift on the upper cross brace of the frame.   I was so proud of my cycling machine and I took very good care of it. 

With its great big banana seat and the high U-shaped handle bars, I could easily jump my bike off of curbs and ramps, and pop wheelies at will.   

Thinking back now, it is amazing that I never seriously injured myself in the process.   

I even rode it on dirt motocross trails when there were no motorcycles around.   

Yeah, those were the good old days.  The days of our lives.





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