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2007 July 3 Tuesday.

Getting hotter, up close to 30 C with some rain in the late afternoon.   

Felt good and smelled good too.   

Country living, within a big city. 

I enjoyed driving out to AU starting from about 10:00.   

Great driving weather, just wish I had time to drive farther today.    Don't.     After finishing that class at about 12:10, I drove back to my classroom, stopping at two recycle shops along the way. 

I was looking for a used 尺八 but I couldn't find one today.   

I'll try again tomorrow.    Other than that,.......   

Oh yeah!    SiCKO    

The new film by Michael Moore.   

What a  Gwaud Awful coincidence this new film release has with the situation of Charles Hamel and Family in Houston Texas.   

Can you see the big picture now?   

I thought I had already seen the worst in this ridiculous situation, but when I visited CharlesHamel dot COM, again today, I learned that the price of passing a kidney stone, had just gone up again!!!   

Say What???   

Speak Truth 2 Bullshit.   

Bullshit dries up and sinks back into the hole from which it came, in the face of TRUTH.   

Phuckin' Xit!!!   

Slither back into the slime pit from which you have come.   

Get a real life you heartless bean counter EGO maniacs.   

Even if your bio-vehicle lives to become 100 years old, your light in the sky, has only grown dimmer.   

One step forward, Two steps back.   

Wake the phuck up, before you step back twice again.   

Old bean counters never die, they just fade into BLACK.   

A BLACK HOLE from which no LIGHT of any kind can be seen.   

Have a nice eternity, ya stupid phucks.





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