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2007 May 27 Sunday.

I woke up at 5:30 in my room at the Royal Hotel in DaTe City.   

I turned on the TV to see what was in the news. 

Same xit, different day. 

Time to take a hot bath and get warmed up for the cold, rainy and windy day ahead. 

It will not be the best day for taking photos, but I will take as many as I can of the really interesting stuff.   

After a not so gorgeous breakfast in the hotel restaurant, everyone gathered together to wait for our tour bus, which was scheduled to arrive and pick us all up at 8:50.   

As it IS with most every thing in Japan, the bus was right on time.   

We toured around the environs of Date City and visited many historical buildings and other sites of historical significance. 

For me, the most interesting place of the day was a place called 縄文の丘, also known officially as KitaKoGane KaiZuka 北黄金貝塚.   

This is just one of the many locations in Hokkaido, as well as other parts of Japan, where the remains of the 6,000 year old Jomon Culture have been found. 

Yes, you read that correctly, a very ancient culture which thrived some SIX THOUSAND years ago.   

Let's see,.... that means that the Jomon Culture was happening in Japan, at exactly the same time that the Mesopotamia Culture was happening in Iraq.   

I wonder what the connection might be.   

In other words, these two very distinct cultures were happening about 1,000 years before the Ancient Egyptians 古代エジプト文化 suddenly burst upon the world scene.   

You know, the people who built the great pyramids in Giza. 

One thousand years  BEFORE  Ancient Egypt, is a very long time.   

About 12 or 14 times longer than the average human life span 平均寿命 in the modern world.   

See the photo above/left for an idea of what the Jomon Culture was like at this exact location.   

This is an artist's rendering of the exact same location at which I took this photo.  The 縄文の丘 museum.   

Take a moment and just gaze upon the picture before you.   

Here you are.   6000 years ago.   

Living in a village together with about 5, 10, 15, 20, 25,......... 100 people or more.   

Who knows?   

One of my first questions to the experts in this field of Jomon Culture was;  "What language did these people speak?"   

The answer was always the same. 

"Nobody really knows, so we all just call it,  JoMonGo 縄文語.   

Fair enough.     

My second question was;  "Did the Jomon People have a written language?"   

The experts all responded with a qualified "NO".   

Unlike the Mesopotamia Culture, the Jomon Culture did not seem to have any WRITTEN LANGUAGE remaining on clay tablets, to leave a permanent record for future generations. 

At least, none have been found as of yet.   QUEST!   

I am on yet another, NEW ADVENTURE.   

Looking for CONTACT sufficiently deep enough, in order to CONNECT with the COSMIC RECORD of that time/space/dimension.   

I KNOW it can be done.  I have seen it in my DREAMs. 





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