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2007 June 12 Tuesday.

It is getting hotter again today. 

My first gig started off at 10:40 with a class of first year students at Asahikawa University in the computer lab. 

The nice thing about having a class in the computer lab is that the room is air conditioned. 

If feels so cool and comfortable.   

I do enjoy hot weather from time to time, but when the temperature gets up near 30 degrees C, I start to feel uncomfortable.   

Especially if the humidity is high.   

Today the humidity was low, so it was enjoyable.   

None the less, I do keep a tub of cold water ready for an instant polar bear bath, when the need arises.   

Today was just such a day.   

Oh, speaking of cold tubs, I was surprised to learn that one of my students, a 7 year old girl, also likes to sit in a tub of cool water, and even drink cold juice or eat ice cream, all at the same time!!!   

I don't eat or drink in my cold tub, but I do appreciate the calming effects of the cool water, just like she does.   

Polar Bears know about it all too well, what we two are talking about.   

Sometimes during the hot summer in Asahikawa, my wife Ikuko will say something like;  "Oh, it's so hot, I think I might die."   熱くて、死にそう。

Every time I hear this, I always tell her the same thing;   "Take a dip in the cool pool."   水風呂は如何ですか?   

She always refuses.   

I don't think she has ever tried it before.   It is her choice.   

As for me,  IT IS Simple answers to simple problems.   

Take the plunge.   

You might even grow to love it.     I did. 

You might learn to love it too.   

We are not alone. 





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