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2007 June 9 Saturday.

Today is the 11th anniversary of the start of our little classroom.   

Happy Birthday to Snowman Japan!!!   

Today is also the 17th Anniversary of Ikuko's grand father's death, and also the 13th Anniversary of her grandmother's death.   

Therefore, all immediate family members gathered together today at her mother's house for a Buddhist Commemorative Ceremony presided over by an 御坊さん.   

After the rather long ceremony by the rather young and inexperienced Buddhist Priest, we all sat down for a gorgeous lunch which was catered to the house by the 花月会館 here in Asahikawa.   

Very good food.   

Then, we all changed clothes and sat around or went shopping until about 19:00, when we all got back together again for a BBQ party outdoors in the warm evening air.   

Venus was bright and beautiful in the western sky, and Jupiter was clearly visible in the eastern sky.   

My two nephews where also there of course. 

One of them is 14 years old and the other is 10 years old.   

I showed them my Rubik's Cube and they both took a shot at trying to solve the puzzle. 

Neither one of them could do it, and neither could I.   

So, we all sat down and played some card games such as Black Jack and 大富豪.   

We all understood the rules of these games.   

I even showed them how to shuffle the cards in such a way that they make a very loud snapping sound when doing so.   

It was something that my grandfather had taught me, many many years ago.   

Everyone is a teacher to someone, in some way or another.





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