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2007 April 30 Monday.

Speaking of new bridges, how's this one for a shocker?   

For details see the photo above/left.   

A few months ago, Mr. T.  who used to come on Tuesdays, but now comes on Wednesdays, told me about a new bridge that was going in across the Chubetsu River, connecting the center of the city, and the district of Kagura.   

I assumed that he was talking about the one that goes directly into the parking lot at the Ayako Miura Literature Museum.   

He said no, I'm talking about another one that will go from directly in front of this building, and Taisetsu Arena, that will be built also.   

I couldn't believe my ears. 

These two new bridges would be only about 1 kilometer far apart from each other along the river banks.   

Wow!   What a luxury.   

Today, I reconfirmed that information when I saw the billboard in front of this building. 

Proof positive that it will in fact happen.   

What a pleasant surprise.   

Today is also a national holiday and the weather is great.  I think I'll grab my camera and go for a very long walk in the warm afternoon sun. 

The sky is clear and the light is perfect. 

I mean, after all, photography is ALL ABOUT LIGHT. 

In fact the word itself literally means PHOTO light GRAPH drawing





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