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2007 April 29 Sunday.

The photo you can see above/left is looking across the Chubetsu River into the Kagura district of Asahikawa. 

Behind me is the Asahikawa JR train station and the city center.   

It is difficult to see it from this photograph, but at the end of this road in Kagura is the Ayako Miura Literature Museum.   

Most likely this is why a brand new bridge is being built right here.   

It will be easy for tour buses to come from the city center and right straight into the parking lot of the literature museum.   

I can't remember for sure, but I think the big construction info billboard says it it be finished by the end of this year.   

Or is it next year?   What ever.   

I also am very happy to see this new bridge being installed right here.   

It makes it easier for many of my students to get to my classroom.   

Our tax money at work.   

And for a good purpose.   

I am not only looking forward to the completion of this new facility, but also to seeing the remaining construction while it is in progress. 

A free lesson in Bridge Construction.   

I'll be sure to take lots of photos.   I could even use it as an eLearning lesson for English someday.





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