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2007 May 18 Friday.

A rainy day, all day long.   

The weather forecast says tomorrow will be the same.   

Fortunately, Sunday is supposed to be sunny day. 

That is a very good thing for the many elementary schools which will be having their annual Sports Day Event 運動会. 

Other elementary schools will hold this event on Sunday May 27.   

As a result, the following Mondays will be a school holiday for the students and most of the teachers. 

The parents and grandparents of the elementary school students, usually go to the school ground early to stake out a place in advance of the event.   

Most such people will put down a blue plastic tarp, or use stakes and string to mark off an area 縄張り where they want to sit during Sunday's event. 

Of course along with the food and drinks, there will be a lot of still cameras and video movie cameras in action, to record the precious moments of the young children engaged in various athletic activities.   

When everyone sits down to look at these photos and video movies again, a few years from now, the growth of their children and grandchildren will be very obvious.   

Memories of the past.   

The only constant is change. 





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