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2007 May 23 Wednesday.


Sneezing has become my new distraction, again this year.   

It is very windy today and with all of the dust and pollen and who knows what else in the air, many people such has myself, who have pollen allergies 花粉症, will be reaching for the tissue papers on a regular basis. 

Today, my best friend is Dr. Kleenex.   

Or, if you don't have to go out into public, the toilet paper hat that you can see in the photo on the left, might be a big help.   

One natural remedy that I have found for Hay Fever 花粉症 is to drink mass quantities of TenCha 甜茶.   

This tea is available in almost every drug store in this city.   

It is not the most delicious tea that I have ever drank, but I have become accustomed to its sweet taste.   

Before I discovered TenCha about 4 years ago, I would take various over the counter medications (OTC) in an attempt to relieve the sneezing and itchy eyes symptoms of hay fever.   

Some of the OTC medicines worked rather well, but the side effects 副採用 of dizziness and/or sleepiness, made them somewhat impractical when being on the job teaching classes.   

Thank you Mother Nature for making the best remedy of all, in the form of a naturally occurring plant from China. 

What superior intelligence created this particular plant, and why?





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