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2007 April 28 Saturday.

Whoopie!  The start of Golden Week. 

What do do?   Take a drive?

Maybe some other day. 

During the evening hours I took a walk alone along a different route than I usually do.   

I started out the same as usual, walking through Crystal Park. 

Stop by at Lawson. 

Continue on over to the asphalt paved cycling roads along the Chubetsu River heading southeast. 

Before the entrance to Kagura Oka Park, there are two bridges across the river. 

The older one is now part of the cycling road, and the cars and buses pass along overhead and off to the SE on the New Kagura Bridge.   

I walked over the Old Kagura Bridge and into the area on the other side of the river where a new park and more cycling roads are being built right at this moment.   

Well, not right now, it's dark, but during the days.   

It is coming along nicely.   

The reason this part of the river bank is important to beautify is because the  Science Museum SaiPal is right across the street.   

This place needs to look good for the tourists as well as the local folk. 

Me included.   

You can see the two bridges in the daylight photo above/left. 

It's a nice place to take a walk and soak up some sunshine.





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