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2007 April 2 Monday.

It won't be long now until everybody will be going back to school, and the full time housewives can finally get some rest during the day, when their kids are not at home.   

In my case, my outside teaching jobs will resume next week, except for the 神楽公民館英会話を楽しむ会 which just kept rolling along during the spring break.   

Again today, most of the members were present and we all talked about various things.   

Today, I discovered that one of the ladies who joined our group just last week, has a very good sense of humor, and likes to play around with words making puns 駄洒落 and other plays on words 語呂合わせ.   

I myself do this all the time in both English and in Japanese. 

It just comes naturally to me and is a part of my personality. 

It always has been since I was a very young child.   

Maybe I should have been a stand up comedian instead of a language aficionado.   

What am I talking about, they ARE the same thing.    

Anyway, today was another completely  enjoyable 90 minutes with this very nice group of people.   

When that lesson was finished at about 14:40, I hurried back to my classroom for straight classes from 15:00 until 20:00.   

During my 15:00 lesson, the lady who has been coming almost every week since April of last year, brought along her vertical flute again, and also a children's book which was written in Japanese entitled スーホの白い馬.   

She told me that she wanted to try and translate this story into English, and that she would first like to read it to me out loud 朗読.   

I was more than happy to sit there and look at the illustrations and listen to the words of this very old story.   

I was immediately impressed by her very easy to listen to voice, which in my opinion is most certainly good enough for recording audio books for the blind, or anyone else who likes to listen to book readings. 

After she had read the entire book out loud, she went back to page one and began to read it out loud in English while looking at the Japanese script.   

She did a pretty good job. 

However, this being a children's story, the choice of words and the cadence of the rhythms is of utmost importance, and I was able to help her with vocabulary and syntax in order to help the translation move along more smoothly.   

She said that she would try and do some more of it at home, and then show me what she has written at next week's lesson.   

I replied that I thought that was a very good idea, and asked her if she wanted to play some live music again today.   

She said yes, so I went and fetched my guitar and we played a Hebrew song over and over about 5 or 6 or maybe even 7 times.   

I played the guitar much better this week than I did last week. 

It's because I finally got the rhythm almost right.   

I still haven't learned how to play the flute. 

Let me correct that. 

I can play a grand total of three notes clearly on it so if I change the ordering and timing, along with the rhythm I can play around on it for a short while.   

But it does get old rather quickly.   

Obviously, I need more practice time.




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