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2007 April 10 Tuesday.

I was wrong.  Tuesday was  cold, and rainy.   

Never the less, I was on the road to AU.   

A chance to meet some new students, and also some familiar faces in the form of repeaters.   

Well, well,...   

Today is the first day of the spring semester, and we must use the computer room, and we must use a certain specified software for eLearning, and we must take a vocabulary test and a listening test, before we can even access the lessons menu.    

Everybody got logged on and did the tests from various starting times.   

As the students finished their tests and had nothing better to do in my classroom today, I recorded their attendance using their labor, and put their hand written chits into my pocket, as they all passed by me, on their way out of the classroom for other parts unknown. 

All except for one woman, who wisely stayed for the entire 90 minutes, and after everyone else had left she and I had a conversation, in Japanese, about her lack of confidence in her own ability to learn English well enough to pass the course.   

She told me that when she enrolled in this class, she had asked the office staff about which English teachers they would recommend for her needs. 

They told her that Norman and professor S, would be the best choice.   I agree with their decision.   

Welcome to our Enjoyable English Environment.   

Let's have fun WHILE learning.   I'm game.   

By the way, the Easter Bunny came by my place today, and said; "HOWDY!"   

I said; "Howdy Doody Do to you too, Hare Von Bunny Sama.   

What's NEW?"    He said, "Nothing".   

Ah!  The wisdom of the rabbit.   

How many of you out there were born in the YEAR OF THE RABBIT?   

I was not.   

But I do have a natural affinity for bunnies.   

Not just Ishtar Bunnies, but rabbits of many kinds.   

How many kinds are there?     I'm not sure.   

Time to do some research. 





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