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2007 March 1 Thursday.

Last week, I received two separate phone calls from two separate young gentlemen, who came to my classroom on two different days for a free trial lesson.   

Today, both of the young gentlemen called me again and said that they had decided to start coming to my little ole classroom, on a regular basis.   

As fate would have it, they both came for their second lesson today at 19:00.   

One of the nice young men is from the very southern tip of Kyushu, and the other one is from Tokyo.   

The young man from Kyushu is a 4th year student at the Asahikawa Medical College and is studying pharmacology 薬理学.   

The other young man is working at a wood research institute, and is developing new ways to use carbon 炭素 for absorbing odors.   

Both of them learned about my classroom while surfing the internet, where they found a link to this website. 

Our lesson today was very interesting and a whole lot of fun.   

Because both of these nice young gentlemen are very well educated, we can talk about a wide variety of subjects in a very informed manner.   

What a blast!  Since the beginning of this classroom almost 11 years ago, and even up to now, the majority of my adult students have been female. 

No problem there. 

However, men and women tend  to talk about very different types of subjects, so having a couple of young intelligent guys come every week, means a welcome change of pace for me.  Welcome aboard my friends. 

I am looking forward to spending many many hours having informative and entertaining conversations with you both. 

See you again next week.





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