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2007 March 18 Sunday.

Today starting at 19:00, Ikuko and I attended a live performance by several groups of professional and semi professional acoustic musicians at the MONGOL SHOKUDO モンゴル食堂 located at 忠和5条6丁目.   

My wife is the childhood friend of the owner's wife, and I have know the owner himself for about 2 years. 

We even played in a band together during the summer of 2005. 

You can see a photo gallery of that event by clicking here.   

Today, I was not a part of the main event, but I did get up on stage and play several Gordon Lightfoot songs during the second half of the party.   

It was a totally enjoyable evening with lots of good food, good drink and really good live acoustic music all around.   

There were even 3 or 4 members of the very famous band from Asahikawa, 安全地帯 at the party and they formed into various combinations of 2 and 3 people who were the main performers tonight.   

This was a private party by invitation only, and I'm glad the owner and his wife invited Ikuko and I to attend.   

It was truly a n evening to remember.   

Thanks guys!





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