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2007 March 15 Thursday.

I am still busy making and then remaking my new textbook and workbook for the kids, but I just had to take some time off, to report on an interesting event which I experienced here in my little ole classroom today.   

A few weeks ago, a young gentleman who was born and raised in Tokyo, but now lives and works in Asahikawa as a wood products researcher, joined my classroom as a dues paying member.   

He is very intelligent and speaks English fluently and quickly.   

We are able to talk about many things and have a wonderful time doing so.   

Today, when he came to my place at exactly 19:00, we had our usual discussions about a wide variety of subjects.   

During the course of our banter, I asked him if his work place had a website.   

He said yes, and then proceeded to open his bag and pull out his very own personal business card.   

When he first gave it to me, I was deeply impressed by the natural wood-grain texture and color of his business card.   

As I ran my fingers over the surface of it on both sides, I remarked that this card feels much different than any other business card that I have ever received at any time in my life, so far.   

He then told me that it was in fact, not paper, but WOOD of which he had made his own business cards by himself.   


Yeah, paper comes from trees, and other fiber enabled plants, but to actually make a business card out of a very thin slice of the wood itself!!!   

How amazing is that???   

He told me that he made them out of a 3 meter long and 30 cm wide piece of very thin birch-wood かばの木.   

He had used a round-bladed, hand held cutting tool, to cut it into A4 sized sheets. 

He then used an ink jet printer to put his name and research facility logo on the wooden surface.   

After printing the A4 sized sheets, he further cut them into the business card sized object which you can see in the photo above/left.   

I am impressed.   

I have never received a business card like this before, and I will kept it in a safe location where it can't be damaged.   

At that point in the conversation, I gave him one of my original business cards, made with an ink jet printer on standard paper, and LAMINATED with plastic. 

We both had a barrel of laughs discussing the merits and demerits of using both types of business cards.   

The demerit of his business card is that it can be easily broken in half, if you bend it too far.   

The merit of my business card is that even if you drop it into the toilet, NO PROBLEM. 

Just pull it out and rinse it off. 

What a gas this conversation was. 

See you again next week Mr. S.!!!    

Creativity is the CRUX of being.   

You can see it in the night sky.





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