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2007 February 6 Tuesday.

As it is with most every week on this day, it's Tuesday's with Mr. T.   

Today we talked about various things as we usually do, but in conjunction with yesterday's blog, I would like to talk about a discussion that we had about 3 or 4 months ago. 

It was a story from Mr. T.'s childhood that really rang a bell with me.   

He started the story by saying that he went to visit his sister one day, who also lives in Asahikawa. 

As they were talking about various things, the discussion came around to an incident where they had shouted some bad words at some Korean kids who were also living in the same neighborhood. 

When I asked him why they did that, he said that his parents would often talk badly about the Korean and Chinese immigrants to Hokkaido. 

Many of whom had been forcibly brought here by the Japanese Imperial Army, to be used as laborers in the coal mines, and also for digging railroad tunnels.   

This is an unfortunate and dark part of Hokkaido's history which I really know very little about.   

Anyway, because of the things that he heard his parents say, he believed that the Korean and Chinese people who lived in Hokkaido, were something less than human beings. 

Some lower form of life that was not up to the standards of the average Japanese.   

Why did his parents believe that themselves?  Most likely they were "taught" the same things by their parents, and so on and so forth. 

When Mr. T. was reminded of this incident by his sister, he started crying.   

His thinking about this, is a lot different nowadays. 

Like I said, this story really rang a bell with me, because I can clearly remember my own parents talking badly about most other races of people, that were not German.   

My mother even used to talk badly about my father's, father, who was a second generation Irish immigrant.   

With so many people all around the world, and throughout the ages talking badly about each other all the time, is it any wonder why we can't seem to move forward spiritually and harmoniously as an animal species? 

When will all of this silly nonsense stop?   

How much longer will it be until everyone finally comes to understand the simple fact that we are all connected, because we are all merely droplets of the same conciseness. 

The consciousness that CREATES our mutual reality.   

We are constantly creating reality, merely by observing it.   

And also in many many other, more active ways as well.   

If you would like to see a world where there is no war and no hate, you need to start with yourself. 

You need to learn how to love yourself. 

When you have reached the apex of that first step, the next thing you need to learn how to do, is love everyone that you meet every day.   

If the vast majority of people don't learn how to do this, things will continue to spiral downwards in the negative manner, in which they are currently doing.   

Am I saying that people who hate other people, don't love themselves?   

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying.   

Well then Norman, why do so many people hate themselves in the first place?   

It is because they are constantly looking outside of themselves for happiness and gratification.   

They watch  TV and see other people living lives of luxury and opulence, and they wonder why they too, can not have that kind of life. 

They see buff males and thin busty females in newspapers and magazines and they wonder why they can't look that way too.   

All of their attention is focused outside of themselves, and therefore they are hollow inside. 

When they try to look inside themselves, there is nothing to see, so again they turn on the TV to see what is REAL in this world. 

But what they think is real, is in fact an illusion created by other people. 

People who are happy with their lives because they are constantly looking within themselves to come up with new ideas and creating new things in the process.   

Things that other people who feel the need to use them, are willing to spend money for. 

In other words, they are actively doing what they really want to do.   

They KNOW what they want to do, because they spend a lot of time THINKING about it. 

They have magnetized their thinking in a very positive way. 

They don't have time to think negative thoughts. 

They love themselves and everybody with whom they come into contact, everyday. 

They KNOW that there is no beginning and no end to this conciseness.   

They know that it just IS.   

This is True Alchemy of the highest order.





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