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2007 February 26 Monday.

Another sunny and rather warm day, with the snow melting all around.  My first gig of the day was at 13:00 with the 神楽公民館英会話を楽しむ会.   

Today, one of the ladies brought a bunch of folded newspaper inserts with her, and showed us all how to fold them into paper boxes. 

Last week she told us that this is one of her hobbies. 

Everyone tried to do it including me, and most of the people were successful, except for me.   

My attempt at paper folding had turned into a pirate's hat!   

When I put it on my head, I looked like Johnny Depp (not really).   

Another lady talked about 二宮金次郎 and how in the old days, there was a bronze statue of this man in front of every school in Japan.   

However, after the end of the Great Pacific War in 1945,  the Japanese government began taking down all of the statues, until nowadays there are very very few of them still remaining.   

The OFFICIAL REASON for removing all of these statues of NINOMIYA KINJIROU was stated something as follows;  The bronze statue is of a young school boy, wearing a backpack and reading a book, WHILE WALKING!!!   

This is a bad influence on children because they will imitate him, and get hit by cars while they are crossing the street.   

I nearly burst out laughing when I heard this "reason" for removing the statues.    

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense to me.   

After that class was finished at 14:30, I walked back to my classroom for straight classes from 15:00 until 20:00.   

As I have mentioned in this blog before, the nice lady who comes every week on Monday at 15:00, is writing her life story, in English.   

I have been proofreading it, and finding very few mistakes.   

Since about 2 or 3 weeks ago, our focus has shifted from writing and reading to music.   

Hebrew music in particular.   

This lady has a deep interest in, and love of, Israel and can in fact sing Hebrew songs in their original language.   

Two or three weeks ago, she gave me a cassette tape with some Hebrew songs on it, which I immediately dubbed onto an MD so that I could listen to it while driving, and also so that I could find any song on the MD quickly and easily by selecting a numbered track.   

Today, she brought two recorders (vertical flutes) with her and played some of the songs.  Then I got out my folk guitar and I tried to play along with her on one of the songs.   

After a few minutes, I started to get it down on the guitar, but I still didn't sound very good.  For one thing, I have never tried to play this song on the guitar before, even though I knew the melody from listening to the MD.   

Another reason is because the strings on my guitar are old and worn out.   

I promised her that I will change the guitar strings this weekend, and we can try again next Monday with new guitar strings and a little preparatory practice on my part.   

Oh! by the way, the illustration that you can see at the top/left of today's blog is one that I made myself, yesterday, with FreeHand MX using mostly the PEN TOOL. 

I need to get much better and faster at producing this type of original artwork, so that I can use them in my eLearning applications for children. 

I still have a lot of learning to do in this area.   Learning by doing is my favorite method.





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