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2007 February 21 Wednesday.

In my blog of Monday, I explained how my van had refused to start on that morning.   

Today, the TOYOTA dealership drove my van back to me. 

Welcome Home NOAH kun. 

The problem with the electrical system had been a computer chip that failed. 

Because the van is still under warranty, it didn't cost me anything to have it repaired.   

Thank god this little incident didn't happen when I was out camping in the middle of nowhere, as I often do during the season of no snow.   

That is one reason that I am a member of the Japan Automobile Federation JAF.   

You never know when you might need some assistance while on the road.   

This is the very first time I have ever had any trouble with my car in Japan. 

The first car I bought here was a Toyota Corolla.   

It was a very reliable and easy to drive car.   

Even on the very coldest mornings of the year, it would start up each and every time, with no hesitation.   

The same for my new NOAH. 

Until just last Monday.   

That was a big surprise.   

Apparently the problem has been fixed now, but why did the computer chip fail in the first place? 

Hopefully it was just a defective part, and not related to the amount of usage or the weather conditions. 

No more surprises please. 

Cars are meant to be driven, not left sitting in a garage doing nothing.





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