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2007 February 2 Friday.

My first gig of the day started off at 9:00 at the Dokan Nursing School next door to the Asahikawa Medical College. 

As with last week, I had one half of the second year students, so I conducted the exact same lesson.   

As usual, I go down the name list and call each ande every student's name in turn, personally greet them, and then ask them a question of some kind.   

In this half of the class, there are two young men, together with the 16 young women.   

Also, as is usually the case, only one of the young men made it to class by the starting time of 9:00.   

When I had read off the names on the name list and arrived at the name of the young man who was still not in the classroom, I asked the other young man; "Where is K kun today?"   

He replied; "I don't know."   Nothing new here.  However today, I took it one step further.

I said to the young man; "Call him up on his mobile phone, from your mobile phone."   

He looked shocked and said; "Really?"   

I said; "Yes, please. 

I want to talk to him."   So, the young man who was present in the class, called his friend up on the mobile phone, and gave the phone to me while it was still ringing.   

When K kun answered the phone, I said in a low gruff voice, speaking very polite Japanese;  " Is this K sama?"  He replied "Yes, it is."   

I continued; "I am calling from Prime Minister Abe's office. 

You were scheduled to have a meeting with the Prime Minister this morning at 9:00 sharp. 

Where are you?"   

By now, K kun understood that the voice on the phone was me, and that I was just kidding.   

So, I changed my tone of voice and level of Japanese to that of a common street punk ちんぴら  and started hurling gentle insults at him for the next 30 seconds or so. 

As you might imagine, everyone in the classroom was rolling on the floor with laughter. 

Then, I gave the mobile phone back to the other young man who was on time for today's class, and he said a few words to K kun. 

How's that for an American Style Joke?   

The style of comedy in Japan and the USA are completely different and are both funny in their own unique fashions. 

I like both, but I can deliver on the American style much better than on the J-style jokes.   

It's in my blood.  Literally.   

When the class had returned to order from chaos, I said to all of the students in English;  "Next time it could be you. 

So, don't be late for class."   

Message understood.





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