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2007 February 15 Thursday.

2007feb15scruffyinbluehat Today at 19:00, I had my last lesson with a high school girl who will be graduating during the first week of March.   

I wrote about her in my blog of 2007 January 25.   

Starting in April of this year, she will be going to the Nippon Business School in Sapporo for a two year course in Business English.   

Therefore, during today's final lesson, I conducted a sort of interview examination, to see how much she has really progressed, in her ability to use English, as a tool for communication, in the real world. 

I used a textbook that I had received as a free sample copy from Nan Un Do, entitled, "American Homestay, DOs and DON'Ts".   

I used this rather interesting textbook, as a "prop"  for our last one hour lesson together. 

In conjunction with her two year course at the technical school, she and her classmates will be going to California in the USA for a 2 week Study Tour 修学旅行 during January of 2008. 

Although the students will be staying in hotels, and not doing any homestays, with typical American families, some of the differences in the "COMMON SENSE" between Japan and the USA,  are clearly highlighted in this textbook.    

Therefore, it was very useful for today's final lesson with the very tall and beautiful, Miss,   S.A.      

I used English 99% of the time during the lesson, and only resorted to using Japanese when it was obvious that she was not understanding some important point.   

Overall, I think that she did quite well. 

She will be in a whole different world when she starts at her new school in Sapporo. 

I think the new environment will help her to see a bigger world out there.   

After all, Asahikawa is a rather small city, and doesn't really seem all that "international" in many ways. 

Good luck S.A.!   

Come back and see me sometime.   

I'm looking forward to hearing all about your new adventures, coming soon.





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