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2007 January 9 Tuesday.

Finally!!!   It IS snowing!   
(That depends on what the meaning of the word IS, is,...)   

Now, it is really starting to feel like winter.
Today would be a good day to go snowboarding but unfortunately I can't because I have straight classes from 15:00 until 20:00.   

Let's see, I have this same schedule every weekday from now on until summer vacation, so night time snowboarding is out, except on the weekends.   

I don't have any morning classes until next week so I could possibly go in the morning from 10:00 until 12:00 or maybe even 13:00, but that is cutting it a bit close, considering travel time and everything else that goes along with a snowboarding expedition.   

I guess I will just have to go on Saturday or Sunday during the daytime or at night. 

That seems to be my only real option this season.

Even though it is much colder at night, I prefer to go snowboarding under the lights because there are less people on the ski slopes, and also because it is easier to see the contours of the ski slope due to of the shadows that the artificial illumination creates. 

Sometimes during the daytime, especially if it is clear and sunny, the snow surface is so bright, that I can't see a mogul or a depression in the snow surface, until I am right on top of it.   

I have taken some nasty spills this way, in the past. 

I guess my next real opportunity to glide along in powder heaven will be on Saturday afternoon (I have a private lesson in the morning from 10:00 until 11:30), or sometime during Sunday.   

This IS if, and only if, it KEEPS ON SNOWING BIG POWDER SNOW. 

Please, don't let me down now, big snowman.   








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