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2007 January 4 Thursday.

Today was yet again, another sunny day with daytime temperatures just above freezing with wet streets, and then when the sun goes down, quickly becoming frozen again.   

No new snowfall at all.   PLEASE!   

Before my winter vacation is finished.  I need some Big Powder Snow for my snowboard. 

Where are you hiding it?   I want a SNOWSTORM.  Super Size it, too, please.   

It is very odd for Asahikawa to have NO Big Snow 大雪 at this time of the year. 

Who is responsible for this outrage?   Straight answers only please.    No BS. 

No, seriously for a moment here folks, this winter is really weird.   

At least here inside the city itself.   On the flip side, the good news is that the sky at night is clear and beautiful. 

One can easily see the stars and planets that are "in season" now. 

Most notably,  SIRIUS to the southeast is so bright that you would have to wear a welding mask not to see it.

The constellation of ORION is also clearly visible just above SIRIUS and to the south-southeast.

In the east, a full moon is smiling down upon us, while Saturn is visible towards the horizon in the same general direction at east-northeast. 

Also, if a person were so inclined, they could stay outside for an hour or two and observe several shooting stars at this time of the year. 

A very cold time of the year.  I'm heading back indoors.  The only real question I have right now is,.......   






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