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2007 January 26 Friday.

My first gig of the day was to go over to the Dokan Nursing School 北海道立高等看護学院 for a 90 minute class with the 2nd year students. 

I haven't seen these kids since last December so the first topic of the day was: "Did you have a nice winter vacation?     Where did you go and what did you do?" 

Most of the kids went to the Coming of Age Day Ceremony 成人式 in their hometowns. 

I asked them to show me a photo of themselves all dressed up in their beautiful Kimonos. 

Some of the girls showed me their photos, others said they didn't take any photos with their mobile phones, (yeah, right.  I believe that fairytale.)  and another girl said that, she used a separate digital camera, and that she didn't bring it with her today. 

Now that story, I believe.   

I even asked them to send a copy of the photo to my email address, but of course nobody did. 

I was half kidding anyway.   

After that class was all wrapped up at about 10:30, I drove on over to 100万ボルト on Highway 237 to get a new MOUSE for my PC.   

The one that I had bought just one year ago, finally pooped out. 

Maybe I should spend a little more money this time, and get something more useful. 

I found more than I was expecting find with the Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000 (Made in China). 

Not only is this puppy wireless and not on a leash, but it also has a magnifying glass function that brings even the smallest text up close BIG and easy to read. 

Where has this mouse been all of my life?   

It is exactly what I have been needing since I started wearing reading glasses about 2 years ago. 

What a great idea!  And so easy to use. 

The mouse unit itself requires 2 AA batteries to operate, and the laser transceiver unit which you can see in the bottom right of the photo, plugs right into a USB port and doesn't get in the way at all. 

I will be cruising the World Wide Web with much more ease and comfort from now on.   

I can really zoom in on any text that would otherwise be too small for me to read. No more cutting and pasting stuff into WORD and then enlarging the font.   

Thank god some designer somewhere came up with this idea.  You have been a big help, my friend.   

By the way, who invented reading glasses I wonder,........





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