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2007 January 17 Wednesday.

My first class of the day started off at 15:00, so I had plenty of time during the morning hours to get down and dirty with Macromedia FreeHand MX, and continue learning more about the true power of this illustration software, for myself.   

Macromedia Studio MX is the first truly professional grade software package that I have ever purchased, and I did so only about 2 years ago. 

I bought the Japanese Language version of it using the educational discount option which saved me a lot of  "money"  up front.   

When I first installed the software suite onto my PC, and tried to use it, I was completely befuddled.   

The user interface was totally different from any of the MicroSoft products that I had been using since about 1996,  and even until now.   

I considered it necessary to visit Amazon Dot Com and purchase a library of books, written in English, that I could read and use as my gateway initiation into the fascinating world of professional level software.   

Finally, about two years later, I am starting to get into the grove and make graphics that I have never been able to make before.  I realize that I have only just scratched the surface of the potential for using this software package, but that only encourages me to learn more, about it.   eLEARN MORE.   

Imagine the possibilities,......   

Even when I am "sleeping", I can't seem to unwind, I JUST LET IT Ride.      

Recently, I have continuous "dreams" about trying different things using FreeHand, even when I am "asleep".    

So, when I  "wake up"  the next day, I sit down at my PC and try out the stuff I "dreamed" about during the previous SLUMBER.   

Amazingly, most of it works as visualized.   

Could it be that there is, in reality, no clear separation between our being "awake"  lives and our  being   "asleep"  lives?      

I will let you be the judge of that for yourself.   

But in my case, all I can    SEE    is, one bright continuum,  with no beginning AND no end in sight.    

Is this the end of the world, as the HIVE MIND knows it?       Maybe.      

Is this the end of ETERNAL CONCISENESS ?    

NO phuckin' WAY.





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