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2006 November 3 Friday.

CULTURE DAY.  文化の日.  A National Holiday in Japan.  How many years of culture are we observing here.  Thousands and thousands of years.  How many stars can we see in the sky?   Billions, and billions, and billions,......   Culture.

  The accumulation of mutual experience.   Very valuable information, and very important to preserve.   The mutual experiences of society as a whole, are recorded in the local LANGUAGE of that society.  In English, the word LANGUAGE comes from the French, and literally means TONGUE. 

Spoken languages were the first to arrive among animal species on the EARTH.   Written "language" was developed along the way.   The most interesting of which still survives today as the CHINESE IDEOGRAPH writing system.   Well known to Japanese and Korean as 漢字. 

These many thousands of written representations of every day objects, ideas, and even up to and beyond esoteric concepts, were developed here in EARTH?   Maybe so.   Or, maybe this knowledge was imported from somewhere else.   You be the judge.

   Even though the Korean and Japanese SPOKEN LANGUAGES are completely different from the Chinese spoken language, they both adopted the 漢字 about 4,000 years ago.

  Over the next several hundred years, both Korean and Japanese, each developed a very different, and much more simplified PHONETIC writing system, in order to make it easier for the majority of the population, to participate in meaningful communication transactions. 

It was a great boost to the integration and procession of society, and therefore, the culture itself.  Or is it the other way around?   Or, is it BOTH ways working interactively, to produce each other.   Reproduce each other and achieve synergy

    The weather today was not ideal for a long drive, or even a long walk for that matter.   There was freezing rain and some amount of wind to go along with it.  In a word, NASTY.  And cold.   I made a brave decision to stay inside and work on some internet related projects.   

Today, my main focus was to lay the web page and graphics framework for a long thought about, but not yet come to fruition idea, of having my very own radio station on the World Wide Web. 

Today, I took advantage of the lousy weather to learn more about Freehand MX and make some CG that is intended to represent a visualization of a universal transceiver. 

Receiving and sending messages at the same time.  Unfortunately, my CG visualization can ONLY SEND sound and images at this time.

I will keep working to try and improve my capibilities in this area.  You can see the SNOW RADIO COMING SOON trailer by clicking here.






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