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2006 October 30 Monday.

Asahikawa has a new mayor.  No big surprise that it isn't me.   It's Mr. Nishikawa.   Nice to meet you sir.   How's it goin', eh?  I don't know for sure, but I think that I have not yet met Mr. Nishikawa in person.

Mr. Bandoh and Mr. Sugawara both, I have met on several occasions.  A mayor is a mayor is a mayor.   It's a job that carries a lot of responsibility along with it.   The headline closest to the photo of the new mayor says that at 37 years old, he is the youngest mayor in Hokkaido. 

He's only 37 years old, but that might be a good thing when looking at the situation from futuristic perspective.   Anyway sir, do your best.   For the people and the city.  Our City.  Asahikawa. 

After I looked at this morning's edition of the Hokkaido Newspaper, I made a strong pot of coffee, drank most of it, and got into a very hot bath to recharge my batteries for the teaching day ahead. 

When I first got up at about 9:00 I could feel the leftovers from last night's wild drinking party with Mr. T.   He is a retired high school English teacher.   I am a still working English teacher who must be back in the classroom by 13:00 today. 

I managed to get back into fighting shape before the first class at the 神楽公民館で英会話を楽しむ会.   Again today, most of the members were present and we all talked about various things.  I mentioned the fact that I had seen the Iwo Jima movie yesterday, and that I had also made my own poster for the mayoral election.

Today, one of the fine ladies, Mrs. S.  to be exact, was wearing a very big and beautiful TURQUOISE NECKLACE.    I immediately recognized the high quality of the stones, so I asked her where she had purchased the necklace.   She replied that she had bought it in Turkey, when she was on a tour of that country. 

I thought about the small turquoise necklace that I had lost last night and thought to myself, "Some day.  Some where.  I too will find a much better turquoise necklace than the one I lost last night.   It is important to KEEP HOPE ALIVE.





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