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2006 October 28 Saturday.

Tomorrow is the election for Asahikawa City Mayor.   The five candidates can been seen in the photo on the left.   

The 6th poster, that I made of myself, never appeared on any of these poster boards.  In fact not only can I not run for mayor, I can't even vote in the election tomorrow, because I am not a Japanese citizen.  That's OK with me, but I did feel the need to make my own poster. 

It says "The Music Party  Tastukawa Kitao,  Music is 4 Everyone."  When my wife saw what I had made, she couldn't stop laughing.   I thought it was pretty funny myself.   

I took the photo of the poster board while I was out in the beautiful autumn sunshine taking a much needed walk.   

A walk that was interrupted several times by the very loud "sound cars" that the mayoral candidates have there staff members ride around in and shout a lot of meaningless slogans.

You can see a photo of one of them in yesterday's blog.   Today will be the last day that they can do this, and tomorrow will be the mayoral election.   I wonder who the winner will be.   I know it won't be me.





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